Prestongrange Industrial Heritage Museum

Useful Links


  • - Here you can find information about the other museums in East Lothian.
  • - Prestongrange Museum is a venue for the 3 Harbours Arts Festival.  The Festival is usually during the first week of June, click on this clink to find out more about the Festival.
  • - Scran is a database of photographs and other resource materials.  You can access Scran free from any library in East Lothian.
  • - There are lots of interesting photographs of the site at Prestongrange on the image site Flickr.
  • - There are a number of other ELMS videos here and just like our Flickr site the number is steadily increasing.
  • East Lothian Council Museums Service on Facebook - On Facebook, search for 'East Lothian Council Museums Service' or ' Prestongrange Museum' and become a fan!
  • Beam Engines - Follow this link to the BBC website to see a fantastic animation which demonstrates how beam engines were powered.
  • Winding Gear- Follow this link to the BBC website to see a great animation which explains how the winding engine would have worked.
  • Northern Mine Research Society - The Northern Mine Research Society is a group of people dedicated to the preservation and recording of mining history.