Meet our Mascots
Prestongrange Industrial Heritage Museum

Meet our Mascots!


Doug the Miner

Doug is a miner. He works a long way underground, digging coal to bring to the surface. What clues might tell you that Doug is a miner? (Scroll down for answers)


Preston the Mole

Preston the Mole lives underground at Prestongrange. When there were miners digging underground, it was too busy for Preston. But now that mining has stopped, he has come to live at Prestongrange. What clues might you see at Prestongrange to let you know Preston lives there? (Scroll down for answers)


Preston and Doug are friends because they both tunnel underground, although they are looking for different things. Doug is looking for coal and Preston is looking for worms! Come and find out more about them during a visit to Prestongrange Museum!









Did you find the following clues that told you Doug was a miner?

  • Doug is wearing a helmet that miners would have worn to protect their heads from falling earth and stones underground. Did you know that it wasn't until nearly the end of mining at Prestongrange that miners wore these helmets? You can see in our Visitor Centre the different hats miners wore on their heads.
  • Doug is also holding a pick axe. That means his job would have been underground at the end of the long tunnels, where the coal needed to be broken up and carved from the walls of the tunnel.
  • You might also have noticed that Doug is carrying something. It's his lunch bag! When you visit us, see if you can spot what miners kept their lunch in.

 Did you work out how you can spot Preston around the Museum?

Preston leaves behind little mounds of earth at Prestongrange. You might be able to see them outdoors in some of our grassy areas. Moles make tunnels underneath the ground to search for their favourite food - worms! When they are near the surface, they push the extra soil out, leaving behind little mole hills. A good place to see mole hills at Prestongrange is outside the Visitor Centre.