Activity Sheets
Prestongrange Industrial Heritage Museum

Activity Sheets for Prestongrange

Print out fun activity sheets that you can do on your visit to Prestongrange. Click on the mascots next to the activity sheet of your choosing.

How Many? - How many objects can you find?

Can you help Doug the Miner get ready for work? - Some of Doug's items have ended up in the museum, find them so he can get to work.

Draw your favourite object! - Get creative at Prestongrange and let us know what you love best.

Industries of Prestongrange! - We're more than just mining, find out about the other industries that one took place here.

Doug's Word Search - Can you find all the words?

Can you help Doug the Miner get through the maze? - This activity sheet is challenging.

Preston's Word Search! - This word search is challenging.

Prestongrange's Brick ArtFill in the blanks with your own drawings, sketches or rubbings of Prestongrange!

Preston’s Riddles! - What things around Prestongrange is Preston talking about?

  Prestongrange at Night!Preston can’t see very well above the ground. Can you tell him what these things are?